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From #MeToo to Now What? 7 Actions That Could Actually Help Stop Sexual Harassment
Fortune identifies some action items that the #MeToo movement inspired. Janine Yancey joins the conversation with some insights from Emtrain.
The sexual-harassment epidemic has been diagnosed. What’s the cure?
The Washington Post explores the current harassment epidemic; Emtrain's founder and CEO Janine Yancey provides insight.
When anti-harassment policy isn’t enough, fix corporate culture
Emtrain Founder and CEO Janine Yancey touches on the importance of authenticity in Bloomberg's piece on corporate culture and harassment training.
6 tips for developing a sexual harassment training program
In the wake of the #MeToo movement, more states and cities are mandating sexual-harassment training for all workers—not just managers. But even where training isn't required, employers should consider the benefits of creating a program, said Patti Perez at a concurrent session during the SHRM 2018 Annual Conference & Exposition.
What you need to know about sexual harassment
Emtrain founder and CEO Janine Yancey chimes in as the Sacramento Business Journal explains how many companies are forced to explore how to operate within a new work environment following a national deluge of sexual harassment suits.
OpEd: As Calif. Quadruples Employers’ Sexual Harassment Training Mandate, Lawyers Should Be Part of the Solution
In this OpEd for The recorder, Emtrain CEO Janine Yancey shared her perspective on how in-house counsel can shift their approach to sexual harassment in light of the recent California training mandate.
New York harassment training must be interactive
The California Fair Employment and Housing Council has passed detailed regulations defining and clarifying what "interactivity" and other terms mean for employers in the state, said Patti Perez, vice president of workplace strategy at Emtrain, a California culture tech company. She was a principal author of the California training regulations that went into effect in 2016.
Does sexual harassment training work?
In the wake of the recent wave of sexual harassment claims and pursuant resignations, PBS poses the question: Does sexual harassment training work? Emtrain's Workplace Color Spectrum is cited as a useful tool in training.
Amid McDonald's strike, fast-food workers often vulnerable to sexual harassment
 Fast-food staffers are especially vulnerable to unwanted physical advances, lurid comments, graphic pictures and gestures as they go about their work due to four factors.
What does unconscious bias training look like? I took three courses to find out.
We all have bias. Part of the power in emphasizing this commonality is that it keeps people who may be learning about their own prejudice from feeling villainized by the training, says Janine Yancey, founder and CEO of Emtrain. Instead, good training wants everyone to see bias as something they can work on with each interaction.
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