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Code of Conduct Online Training Course

Your Code of Conduct is more than a set of rules—it’s a statement and a concrete commitment to a set of business conduct standards that supports your mission, values, and culture. But even the best Code won’t support a healthy workplace culture if employees see it as some relic that that is just trotted out at company-wide meetings. We built this course to bring your Code into the 21st century and were guided by the idea that learners need tools—not platitudes—to navigate today’s workplace. That’s why this modular course uses plain language and thoughtful scenarios to introduce your Code, the role it plays in decision-making and to highlight key Code topics you select and a framework for making ethical decisions. Finally, this course shrinks the distance between your learners and the guidance they need with a host of customization and content options. This includes our proprietary Ask the Expert feature—which lets learners ask questions of experts—yours or ours—as they learn about topics and while their questions are fresh in their minds.  

Course Description
Code of Conduct was designed with legal and organizational experts to demystify your Code—transforming it from a set of aspirational statements into a field guide that learners can use to make good and ethical business decisions. How? We use plain language and thoughtful, memorable scenarios to introduce your Code and the role it plays in your organization. We introduce your Mission and Values and our Business Color Spectrum to give learners a framework to analyze business situations and to make ethical decisions. We also give you the ability to control the content presented by selecting which 5-8 minute Info Blocks are included in the course from our content library. Info Blocks offer concise, targeted guidance for learners—giving you control over course length and the ability to tailor course content to address the topics that matter most. We also give learners direct access to experts—yours or ours—and the ability to anonymously ask questions as they are taking the course and questions are fresh in their minds. We offer a host of customization options to make it clear that this course is about your organization—and your learners.

Course Snapshot

Course length: Variable - recommended 45-60 minutes

Audience: Managers and employees

Key Concepts

  • The value and role of your mission and values
  • What is a Code of Conduct?
  • How to think critically and use our decision tree to make better decisions
  • How to spot situations that present ethical issues
  • The importance and role of reporting
  • 5-8 minute treatments of the Code topics you select

Course Features

  • Option to customize with your own video introduction from your CEO or another leader. Custom text and audio introductions are also supported
  • Customizable with your organization’s colors and logo
  • Delivers a printable version of your Code to learners and requires certification to register course completion
  • Modular design allows clients to choose which Code topics are highlighted and addressed in concise, targeted info blocks from our content library
  • Available info blocks include: mutual respect, conflicts of interest, bribery and corruption, gifts and giving, misuse of organization assets, antitrust and competition laws, insider trading, data privacy and confidential information, cybersecurity, intellectual property, accurate record keeping, and reporting
  • Custom pages introduce your mission and values and organization reporting resources
  • Course meets training mandates as outlined by Sarbanes-Oxley, Federal Sentencing
  • Available in English

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Program Experts

Sally March is an ethics and compliance expert and regular columnist for the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. As the former Global Compliance Director for Nortel Networks, the Head of Risk Advisory for BBC Worldwide, and Board Member for the Association of Corporate Counsel Europe, Sally has navigated a broad spectrum of situations, which has fueled her thought-leadership on business ethics. In 2013, Sally received an award from the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics based on her contributions to the ethics profession.

Currently, Sally March is a partner in Drummond March, Ltd and provides ethics guidance and advises companies on the implementation and enhancement of Ethics and Compliance programs.

Chris MacDonald is President of the non-profit Journal Review Foundation. An ethics professor, Chris is the author of the popular Business Ethics Blog—a blog he created in 2005 and which is now featured on the Canadian Business Magazine website. Chris has been named as one of the “Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior” three times and has been labeled as one of the “100 Most Influential People in Business Ethics.” He is co-author of a popular business ethics textbook, a best-selling textbook on critical thinking, and founder and co-editor of the Business Ethics Journal Review.

Chris is frequently sought out as an expert on business ethics issues by TV, radio, and print media outlets, including The New York Times,, The Globe & Mail, The Financial Post, and Marketplace Public Radio among many others. He has been a keynote speaker at national and international conferences, and has provided educational and ethics consulting services to corporate boards, professional associations, hospitals, startup companies, major charitable foundations, and to the Canadian military.

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