Unconscious Bias Training

Managing Unconscious Bias Online Training Course

Have you ever let a gut feeling persuade you? Of course you have. Many of our decisions are made quickly, because it “feels” right.  So emotional impulse controls rather than deliberate, logical analysis. Our emotions are shortcuts that allow us to sort through reams of implicitly stored brain patterns that guide us either toward or away from a course of action. We don’t have the capacity to calculate all probabilities that come with every choice, and so we rely on our gut feelings to guide us.  And our gut feelings are unconscious bias that creates more opportunity for some and less for others—which directly impacts diversity and inclusion. Our program includes an online course; best practices for learners; a feature that solicits employee commitments; Q and A and data showing trending concerns and areas of opportunity; ongoing micro video lessons and a strategic inclusion strategy session with our talent and inclusion strategist.  

Course Description
This course explains the concept of unconscious bias and shows learners how, if unchecked, their “gut feeling” can lead to some decisions and behaviors that help some people and hinder others. The interactive features of this course capture anonymous learner feedback about perceptions of unconscious bias, as well as the learner commitment to a particular strategy to manage unconscious bias. Your workforce will learn how to make better decisions and will have direct access to Emtrain’s subject matter experts. This allows them to ask workplace questions anonymously via our innovative Expert Q&A feature.

Course Snapshot

Course length: 30 minutes

Audience: Managers and employees

Key Concepts

Your learners explore unconscious bias through a combination of storytelling and data that will:

  • Show how unconscious bias influences our decisions and actions
  • Highlight common examples of behaviors that help some people and hinder others
  • Create awareness around different perspectives and empathy for others
  • Help learners recognize mistaken assumptions and missed opportunities and begin to observe them in their daily interactions
  • Teach best practices to manage unconscious bias moving forward and increase their ability to recognize and set aside old patterns to become more inclusive

Your leaders gain access to rich analytics that provide insights on your workforce’s views on a variety of common bias issues, employee sentiment, learner commitments to managing unconscious bias, and areas where learners need more support.

Course Features

  • Full access to Emtrain’s expert for guidance and best practices around diversity, inclusion, and unconscious bias
  • Available in English

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Program Experts

Emtrain founder and CEO Janine Yancey is a passionate advocate for healthy workplace cultures. Janine’s unique approach blends technology, behavioral science, data analytics, and social media inspired interactions to help inform and improve workplace behavior. Janine presides over a team of experts and an extensive library of content including courses, video, resource guides, checklists and analytic reports that define the modern workplace.

Janine is a proponent of neutral, third-party guidance and problem-solving. By orchestrating a publicly-accessible community interface for employee questions and concerns, Janine stays at the forefront of real world, real-time harassment, bias, discrimination, and ethics issues.

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