Workplace Skills
Workplace skills support the ability to be respectful and inclusive, and make good ethical decisions. These three skills, working in tandem, create a healthy workplace culture.


Culture Analytics
Steve Cadigan, Founder of Cadigan Talent Ventures and former VP of Talent at Linkedin, shows us how to use our core company values to create a shared language within the organization.


Unbiased Expertise
Public allegations of sexual harassment are now a daily occurrence. What should companies be doing right now if they don’t want to see their name in the headlines?


New Book: The Drama-Free Workplace

Conflict at work is inevitable. Despite this reality, there are many steps employers can take to prevent conflict and to resolve it when it does happen. Workplace Harassment Expert, Patti Perez, gives you effective strategies to improve your office culture and keep it thriving.

Did You Know?

The percentage of in-house counsel who believe their harassment reporting procedure is fair and effective is...


But still...

The percentage of in house counsel who think their employees are comfortable reporting harassment is...


And yet...

The percentage of in-house counsel who say their company has no plans to improve harassment prevention is…


Engage . Dialog . Analyze

By itself, compliance training won’t prevent problems like sexual harassment and discrimination. For a over a decade, we’ve been innovating better approaches to building healthy workplace culture. Working with our clients we’ve learned how to build content that engages people intellectually and emotionally; how to harness the fundamental power of social dialog; and how to extract insights that help leaders see cultural hotspots before they become crises. To build a healthy workplace, you need engagement, dialog and insight.

“We’re headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, which means my workforce expects nothing less than a great user experience. Which is what we get with Emtrain as our partner.

Emtrain’s content is authored by the same people who help draft the laws we’re training on, and who have seen real-life situations play out. Their Silicon Valley software team then creates a user experience that is relevant, memorable, and excellent.” – Lisa Paul, CHRO Oclaro

What Color is Your Workplace?
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