MeToo Sexual Harassment Prevention

In October 2017, we hit a watershed moment and the #MeToo movement became a global conversation that impacted every workforce. This #MeToo Sexual Harassment Toolkit contains a variety of resources to help human resources professionals authentically address and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. The Toolkit contains strategies and ideas for corporate management as well as thoughtful and sensitive employee communications and employee focused resources.

For employers, corporate management, human resource professionals who are rethinking their approach to sexual harassment prevention:

  • Why is Sexual Harassment Still a Thing?” a guide that explores why sexual harassment claims have been silenced, and how to create a culture to eliminate harassment.
  • “Letter to Employees: Workplace Harassment Prevention” a sample letter to employees, with a fresh, new approach to developing trust through modern language and a commitment to a healthy workplace culture.
  • Emtrain’s Workplace Color Spectrum®” a behavior rating scale that companies can use with their entire employee base to provide a language to effectively identify and change bad behavior.
  • Emtrain’s Preventing Workplace Harassment Course” an online course designed to meet all legal training requirements and much more: with modern video displaying real-world issues, innovative e-learning and behavioral principles, and interactive introspective content that drives behavior change.
  • A guide on how to create a modern sexual harassment prevention program

For your employees:

  • What if I’ve Been a Victim of Sexual Harassment?” a sensitive and practical guide for victims of bad behavior, with guidance on the positive, non-legal actions they can take if they believe they are being harassed.
  • Ask an Expert” our publicly available forum where employees who have a harassment related question can ask Emtrain’s experts and browse Q&A from other anonymous askers.

Use these resources to ensure positive and healthy workplace conversations around #MeToo and sexual harassment prevention.

In-house Counsel's Role in Sexual Harassment Prevention in the Age of MeToo